Can't go up or down and can't steer left to right.

Can’t go up or down and can’t steer left to right. This happened after updating the iPad to the new iOS 9. Apple said it was an app issue. How do I get the game to work properly again.?

Are you sure you you are not on autopilot?

Where would I find out just to double check

On the left of the screen there are buttons up and down, if they are yellow, autopilot is on.

I had the same problem with the game on Android. It happened twice, and then it stopped.

No they are not yellow

This is my sons game so I am unsure how it all works. I’m going off of his complaints that it doesn’t work like it should.

That is very unusual. Maybe we need a developer to help you out.

That’s where I thought I was with this support page. Any idea how I can get support from an app developer?

David will comment and help you out will this soon :)

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to add on to what Benny said, on the bottom do you have your Yolk visible so you can see if its calibrated right

When does this happen? Is it after starting a flight lesson?
Which airplane, and region?

Have you tried to close the app, then double click the device Home key and close any other apps in the background, then restart device power?

The only time control is limited is during the Flight Lessons in the Cessna 172. There are messages that inform the pilot when control is unavailable temporarily.


To further identify the problem, you can add a screenshot as an attachment as that could potentially identify the issue. A screenshot similar to the one I’ve attached could identify it.

On the iPad Autopilot is located on the right side and not the left (I’m pretty positive). If Autopilot is on (Any of these buttons SPD, HDG, ALT or VS) you’ll notice an orange outline around one of them indicating it is on. To turn it off simply tap it.

If that isn’t the problem, hopefully it gets resolved by David or the developers.

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Have you connected to LiveFlight App?

It’s on any plane he tries to fly. He can control speed from the left but he cannot steer the planes once they start. It’s like the app or iPad does not sense the movement he makes with the iPad. This started after we updated the iPad.

Hi, you may want to reinstall the game, after you have a fresh copy, make a hardreset on your device, holding sleep+home for ten seconds to the screen goes black…which ipad and ios to u have?

This happens a few times to me I could always fix it in enabling HDG and Disabling HDG t but I’m not thinking that your Bug have anything to do with this
if your Son had used Live Flight Connect It may be Fixed when you go to Settings/Commands and delete all Network Controller connections

I have had a similar issue a couple of times.

Make sure there are no values in the autopilot boxes, HDG, VS & ALT when autopilot is turned off (Not yellow)

Sometimes when I have turned off autopilot when there are still values in the box I have no control of the control surfaces ( which sounds like the issue your son is having)

Even if I switch to an external camera and tilt I can see the control surfaces are not moving

So far I have found no 100% perfect work around but clearing values from the boxes and then turning AP on and then off agin works some of the time. Failing that restart the device and it should be good for awhile

My device is the Lg Gpad 8.3 on android 4.4.2 running the 15.12.0 version of IF, any idea on this sort of info on your sons device?

Are you on the ground when you are trying to steer? If so, use the rudder in the bottom left area of your screen.