Can't get X52 pro Joystick to work in IF with ipad Air 2

Hi, I have recently purchased “Infinite Flight” and have downloaded and installed the LiveFlight Connect app to my Windows 10 PC. I have followed all the tutorials for setting up a joystick and checked the joystick posts in the forums.

As per all setup instructions my Saitek X52 Pro joystick was connected to my PC, I ran the Liveflight connect app, then enabled Infinite flight connect in the IF settings. Then the main screen came on for Liveflight connect which said “Connected to Infinite Flight” and also states my IP address, but when I go into controls to assign my x52 axes it does not recognise any. when I hit “Show Devices” it states –“ 2 Joysticks – Accelerometer – 2 Axes – 0 Buttons – Network Controller – 512 Axes – 1024 buttons”.

I have contacted the devs at “liveflight connect”, but still awaiting a solution. Any help would be appreciated.
John Coles.


Have the same Problem with the normal Version of the X52

Swang007, I have been in touch with David Cutler and he has said someone will look into this, but still waiting on that, I was hoping someone here might know of a fix.


@cameron he needs help

Hi there! Cameron is currently on his way to New York so I’ll try and get ahold of him about this issue ASAP. I do apologize and I’ll get back to you soon :)

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