Can't get the Update?

Recently there seems to have been a huge rise in the number of topics along the lines of ‘I didn’t get the update - please help me!’
If this is you, there are only a few reasons why:
Firstly, if you only checked yesterday or before, there was a staged release, so if you check again, there will be an update as now the update is available to all.
If you go to the app/google play store and the update doesn’t appear, then the most likely thing is that your device is not supported.

If you can’t find the update now, I advise you, please check these topics as so many topics have been solved and closed because people haven’t read these requirements…

In short, you must have:
OpenGLES 3.0 or higher
Android 5.0 or higher

Thanks for reading and this should help some of the clutter in Support now!
Enjoy Global!


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