Can't get the update with Android 7.1.2


I just read the update for Android it’s been out for almost 24h, so I opened really exited Play Store to get it asap.
However, I saw there was no update option for me. Is there any problem with my device or something?

Device information:
Xiaomi Mi5c
ROM 64GB (46GB free)
Android 7.1.2


These are the minimum devices compatible with the update. It doesn’t look like yours is on there. Sorry ☹️

So basically people who don’t have those devices can’t get Global?!

For now, yes. Android devices need to have OpenGL ES 3.0 to run the global update.

This is so sad! Been waiting for the update one year!

Anyway, thanks for the help :/

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You can read more about it here; Minimum device requirements

Try clearing the Google Play Store’s data and restart your device, this should probably work :)

Also since this a newer device it should have OpenGL 3.0+

Cleared data of the app and restarted the device (in that order) and no success :/

The same thing happened to me idk if they will use openGL ES 2.0 to do the update in the future,I guess I’ll have to be patient and see what happens

My GPU version is Mali-T860MP4
Is there any problem with that?

I can’t believe the update doesn’t work on my phone, I’ve been waiting for this.I tried to play online on the old version but no ATC and players