Can't get notifications during class

So heres lil old me doing some writing and theres the IFC where I’m getting 0 notifications Help me pls.

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Is it on WiFi

yeah its on Wifi

Have you checked to see if they are enabled in settings?

The school will have programmed (is that the right word) to disable this for education reasons

Maybe it’s me, but I feel that not getting notifications during a class in which you should be paying attention isn’t the biggest problem you have to deal with right now.


Cause I get notifactions at home but not at school

Yeah the school will block them (distractions)

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But I’ve seen kids getting notifactions from there footy club and stuff

Like I said earlier, have to checked to make sure the option is even enabled in settings?

The school may only be able to block specific stuff (eg, websites)

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Yes it is!

I’ve been on the IFC may times though during school (lol)

They might only be able to block notifications.

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Are they set like this?

Let me check

Also you need to enable the live notifications option on every browser you use.

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Has it worked?

It works at home. I’m not at school now

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The other students may be on their cellular data networks, which would explain why they would receive notifications and you not, because you’re on the school WiFi. If the school’s WiFi blocks certain things, just keep your phone on cellular data (if you can receive it in your school), and you should be good

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