Can't get my old callsign back?

I just changed the callsign airbavaria which i had used for ages now. It was always nicely pronounced by the voice engine. But as i wanted to change back to the system wouldnt allow it anymore. It has now this 8 character restriction and even if i put only “bavaria” it would change instantly in capital letter and therfore pronounce it with the individual letters.

I want my my call sign back, please.
Any idea how i could achieve this?

It can’t be achieved. You can only have all caps.

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I better shouldnt have touched it. … :-(

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Probably would have been best.

Yea this was IF solution to the inappropriate call sign, which in my opinion was stupid they could employ users to protect the servers when no ATC. Like yesterday i was on advanced and heard " Papa, papa, papa, papa, papa, papa, papa, papa." just spammed the frequency while if it wasn’t changed it would’ve been “pppppppp.”
it made me hungry “papa johns”

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New restrictions prevent actual words now. Combinations that are similar may work, for example:


That guy is still there?!

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Just keep reporting the guy.

How about changing it to a three letter unique call sign like a real airline? Example Qantas are QVA, British Airways use BAW. You could use ’ ABV 1234 'for Air Bavaria? ( you can use own numbers of course!)

We can all thank the trolls who thought it was funny to make sophomoric, offensive, or various inappropriate call signs. Common sense was surprisingly uncommon with more folks than expected. The system isn’t perfect, but it solved most of the problem. There’s some casualties unfortunately. It’ll get better. It always does. :)


What if you allow it on advanced server :’(

People can get to grade 3 very easily & then it would happen again.

Nope. It doesn’t matter what server. The same things happen. The efforts required to maintain the alternatives are too high. We thought of all the angles already, and the current system turns out to work best.


It’s ok, it’s ok. Sorry, didn’t want to stir up things too much here. I totally understand what was driving that change and it’s absolutely ok. Was more meant as a technical question. So answer is no… Accepted. No problem.
iF team please keep doing what you are doing with this fantastic sim. You brought me back into simming after years and I really enjoy it.




Except for the “Papa Papa Papa Papa Papa Papa Papa Papa Heavy” that’s still out there.
Isn’t there something that could be done about that?


What about a Callsign-checking-Team? This would be a solution for custom callsigns.

I know how you feel. CP-Lachy is now CP-LACHY

9999999999 is also still out there :)

personally think that would be best if call signs could only be selected with either an Specific Airline / 4 numbers and a Heavy or Super if allowed, or if using GA set up so it can only be done in a similar format to a real Reg number. That would stop in appropriate ones, silly ones as well as people arguing about using a specific one which they have ‘copywritted’.

I think in the VatSim world you can only select Callsigns which relate to real ones.

That’s what the new system does automatically. It’s very impractical to have people do that. It would be a poor use of time. We know it’s not perfect, and it’ll see improvements as things evolve, but it is what it is for now.

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