Can't get my joystick to connect to LiveFlight!

Hello Everyone! I’m trying to connect my Joystick (Saitek X52) to liveflight. The connection to the phone was successful but I can’t get my joystick to connect with liveflight! It just reads “No joystick connected” when the joystick is definitely connected. I then tried my Xbox One controller and that didn’t work either (It’s connected and I have all neccesary drivers + Gamepad mode is on). I have a MacBook Pro in case you are wondering.

Please Help! Thanks!

Check this tutorial @SebMasterMC

Thanks, but I’m not having issues setting it up, but recognising the joystick. Thanks for your help though :)

I’ve done it before but its not working now…

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What have you tried so far? Did you try reinstalling LiveFlight?

So, correct me if I’m wrong:

LiveFlight is showing a connection with your phone, but there’s no response, since it thinks your Joystick isn’t plugged in.

Second, plugging a Microsoft Device into an Apple Computer probably wasn’t the smartest idea. 😉

Yep, that’s the issue. I have all the drivers installed for the controller and it’s worked before… I have used limelight with the joystick before. It’s weird 🧐

I have tried

  • Restarting Computer
  • Using different ports
  • Using different hubs
  • Reconnecting the joystick

Other than that is just research really (like this). I haven’t tried re installing liveflight but I’ll try that now. It’s from the Mac app store so I didn’t think it would affect anything but I’ll give it a go!

Thanks for the help :)


I tried reinstalling LiveFlight but the issue still persists…

It’s just a joystick, no rudder pedals or throttle quadrant?

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@Cbro4 It’s a saitek x52 so it’s a HOTAS system. So it has a throttle and the rudder is in the joystick.


Ah ok. I know LiveFlight Connect doesn’t handle more than one device well. I would PM @Cameron.

@Cbro4 Its connected via one cable and it has worked in the past

Ah ok. I would PM Cam and see if he can help you out 😉

Yep, I just did :) Thanks for your help!

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