Can't get IF Live subscription back

Hello IF Commubity,

I just re-downloaded InfiniteFlight from restoring my IPhone, and I can’t get my subscription back (Don’t know if it is expired or not).

Thanks for the help!

Try restoring purchases.
Press a paid plane > down the bottom right press restore purchases

Just did that; it only restores the planes, and not the Live.

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Maybe try another restore purchases button? I think there are some hidden away.

Didn’t see anything other than in the Live & Planes

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Might have to ask someone else then that has had this issue

Used the same account?

I think it should be the same account. I haven’t logged into my live account for a while though, so I’m not positive. And I am not sure what other email I would have used because the app only takes Facebook and GMail

I think it only works with the same account…

I think it does too. But the only problem is thatI can’t think of any other account

That is kinda your problem

Well, I just found the account.

Thanks for the help!

Okay hope you enjoy your flying and your welcome :)