Can't fly online

Hello there! So on infinite flight when I try to buy the 1 year live pass, it won’t let me. insted it says and i quote “Error while retrieving information from the server. [DF-AA-20]” think you can help?

Make sure you have a good connection to your WiFi so that you can make the purchase.

What device are you using, beacause you shouldn’t be able to buy Live anymore. Do you mean Pro?

That is the “product not available” code.

You need to purchase a subscription which is currently on offer, which were changed upon Global’s release

Hey. Did you make sure to purchase your app from the app store/play store directly? Additionally, could you specify your device, iOS/operating system and what build you are on? (find that in the app description)

Look like you’re using google play store?
There are a few things you can to do fix the error.

Clear cache and remove Google account
This solution was posted on the Google product forums and worked for most but not all users.

  1. Navigate to Settings, Storage & USB, Cached data and select Clear cached data.
  2. Navigate to Settings, Apps, Play Store, Storage and select Clear cache.
  3. Navigate to Settings, Apps, Play Store, Storage and select Clear data.
  4. Retry the Play Store and download the app.

I’m using a Samsung galaxy tablet

What version of Infinite Flight are you currently on?

Do you have Android 5.x OS or higher?

didn’t work 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 sadly

version 16.13.0 why? am I using the worn version

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how doin purchase one?

Maybe a simple delete and reinstall of IF?

Is the app up to date?

Highly doubt that is it.

You don’t seem to have Android 5.0 or greater. Your device is not compatible with the Global release, which requires OpenGL 3.0, only supported on Android devices which are at least running Lollipop (5.x.x) or later versions of the OS.

Your IF should be version 17.x.x, and the fact that you can only download the pre-Global version (16.x.x) is an indication that your device is no longer compatible with IF.

Unfortunately, with these circumstances, you can’t purchase a subscription until you have a compatible device.