Can't fly offline ( iPad Air 2 )

When you are offline, you cannot fly the plane that you have purchased, and that is really annoying because if you are someway without Internet and you want to play IF but you can only fly the free ones.
( I have purchased A320, A330, A340, B777F, B777-300ER ) PAID
( IOS 8.4.1 )
( Latest IF version )
( No Live subscriptions )

You should be able to fly all planes in all regions in all modes

I have been trying times and times, you just can’t fly offline

What device? Please give more details.

I’ve been struggling to connect again tonight aswell, but I have all aircraft and regions downloaded. (Purchased them outright) but regardless you should be able to use them if your Live+ or you have outright purchased the aircraft.


Try Restore Purchases next time your on a Network, reinstall all the planes and regions and try again. If you haven’t purchased the planes in orange you can’t use them wether on or offline.


Is your subscription Live or Live+?

I’ve purchased just like I said

I haven’t subscribe any.

Be a little specific. When you say that… Do you mean you have only purchased the 777-300ER? Or do you have a subscription.

Right I see your issue. As @dush19 said. Please attach the following.

-Device Software
-Game Version No

I have changed into topic