Can't fly above fog layer

This has happened to me, but it was a very brief period. Just be patient and let it load - if you haven’t got it loaded after a couple of minutes then come back here and let us know 👍🏼

I still can’t see it I flew for about 8 minutes with low visibility and this is what it look like

Daniel14 gave me a great solution that has worked! Check out this support thread and please let me know if that has fixed the fog being rendered

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I still cant see it and I waited 5 minutes

Ok that is interesting, has your phone acted weird with anything else?

it is an IPad but no it has never had any problems

What model iPad is it?

IPad air and IPad air 2

My iPad Air 2 can’t render the fog either, what is your iOS?

The air 2 is IOS 11 and air is IOS 10

Are you guys just changing the visibility option on solo or are you using the live weather?

We are changing the visibility on solo

Yeah you can I do all the time on my iPad Pro

Umm I was able to change my visibility on solo and as a picture above shows others do see it on solo and did change it on solo

As you can see here he did it on solo

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