Can't fly above fog layer

I can’t fly above the fog layer I was trying to spot the fog layer on my IPad Air 2 and IPad Air I went into solo and set the visibility to 0 and then flew up to FL200 and I was still in the fog I tried setting the fog to 10 km and it was still there right next to me


Did this happen only one time?

No it has been happening every time I fly

Did you tried to reinstall the game?

I may be wrong, but I think that fog appears only in live mode, because it’s depending on the metars and not your visibility setting.


No not yet I am trying to get help first

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No, the fog should stop over 5000ft over the nearest airport

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It happened to me in live to cause right now I am flying to Alaska and there has been no sign of being above the fog layer

Try to reinstall and comment how it’s going

Oh., I did not know that…

I departed from PANC a short time ago and didn’t see any fog at the time. Has anyone else been in that geographical area within the last hour?

It definitely works on solo


What are your graphics settings set to?

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I can’t check anymore but which ones specifically

It also does not work for me


Can you try and reinstall your app and see if it works so I can set a solution cause I can’t check if the fog works yet

The fog is rendered differently depending on the Rendering Quality Graphics Setting. Try different quality settings and you should see it (but might be at a performance cost).

We will improve this down the road.


after reinstalling the app I tried to set the fog to 0 but now it wont even show the fog

I just waited for the planes to finish downloading and I went and flew to 8000 ft AGL and my visibility was set to 0 and I was above the fog layber but I didn’t see it

I think you have to wait a little bit for it to come in. Did you start to see it after 30 seconds?

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