Cant flare

I cant land well. I use approach mode and at the last minute I disable vs and only use heading auto pilot(ILS). But the nose then dipps hard. I pulled up and trimmed up it does not work and my airspeed was 130knots in a 737-700b. Any advise?

And my flaps were to 40 deg

If you want to flare bring the nose up over the runway and bring the throttle up just a little bit! That’s how I do it to make a smoother landing and flare!

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Have you watched any of the landing tutorials posted on infinite flight YouTube on how to land?

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how much? I tried that i brought it up by about 10% and i started climbing

Ok ill go do so I actually thought all tutorials are done bere

Are you making sure that you are calibrating your device before disengaging the autopilot?


Like in between 40% and 80%

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Yes i always caleb

Ok ill take that in my next kanding but why is my nose dipping

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I think you have to calibrate and it also could be your weight!


How much does your nose dip down?

Weight was the last time 5tons my fuel was almost gone at 10% and i was way below Maximun Landing Weight

5 degrees around there and that puts me in a 1-2 degree dive on short final

Hey there!

If you use APPR in your landing, around from 500 to 200 AAL is my personal preference to turn it off, and speed too if that is on autopilot, and when you are at around 20 ft above the runway, lightly bring your nose up, and retard (bring throttle to idle) at around 10 ft, and you should be alright until touchdown. Hope this helped! ;)

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Ok when your over the runway just pul the nose up gently! And the throttle up to about 40%-80%. And then you will flare

Thank you i wll try that

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OK so when you calibrate your device and trim before you takeoff auto pilot tilt your decide back a little bit then disengage the autopilot. This has happened to me before.

Its landing

Try to maintain your speed with manually controlling your throttle, to the point at about 10-5 AAL, and you should be alright from there, but don’t get too impatient, it took years for me to get at least under -100 fpm landing rate ;)

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