Can't find screenshots

Yo wahtsup
So I just took some screenshots in reply mode on my iPad but I don’t find them anywhere,not photos app,no Files app,nothing.I already searched here for a solution but I didn’t find anything,hope someone can help me.

Hmm, that’s weird. Whenever I take photos they show up on “All Photos” and “Infinite Flight”

That’s weird indeed. They should be in your Photos.
I use an iPad and I’ve just opened a Replay and took a screenshot and it does show up in my Photos.

Do screenshots of other apps arrive in your photos?
Do you pause the replay before taking the screenshot?
Do you use the screenshot button in the IF app?

I am on iPad.And they don’t show up some how…

Hmmm. Have you allowed IF access to your camera/photos? This can be done in settings and IF, although I’m pretty sure it won’t let you use replay mode screenshots if you haven’t.

Ahh okay thx!I think that was the issue!