Can't find membership

If you have no membership, than you can’t access the servers.

It shows he paid for one though, so he should have one…

I bought a membership on that date as you see in my bank history. It hasn’t been a month yet.

Now it’s showing on But not on IF.

que slow and sad music


Any solutions?

When it says sign in on IF , click it and sign in to the email address you use IF with …

After this , it will take you to a place to buy a membership but in your case , click on the bottom left were it says ( Already have a subscription ) and sign in to your Apple ID / Google play or whatever you are using .

If this doesn’t work , then PM a Dev

Yeah I already did that, i even tried to reinstall application. Getting the same error. Thanks for your help, I will contact admin.

Did you make a support ticket… ask for a refund as previously stated and retry. Hope this works

Happy landings :)

Did you use the correct account for both? (one in IF and one in the account page)

Yes I did, their both connected through Google. I even tried to log out, then log in. Same issue, and sometimes when i click check for subscription, it seems to get stuck after say logging in.

I did, and I message @Tyler_Shelton and @Mark_Denton. Hopefully they can fix the issue, if not hopefully a refund. And ill buy another subscription after they find out the problem.

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I guess this one is similar to this topic below
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Also open a support ticket to get help from David :)

For some reason problem has been fixed. I just logged on and it actually worked. Thank you guys for your comments and support.

ColonelJeff, very unprofessional response, you are still flying yes? Let’s dissable your access to the servers, then you will be the one complaining. Admin I am having the same issue, this is on your end I would exoect you to resolve this problem.


Support of IF has contacted me. They said the server has been going through some issues thia month, and the problem should be fixed.

Man up pal
It was a joke, atleast I tried to make someone smile whilst he/she waited

Sorry dude.

Ahh it’s fine, we are all here to have fun and fly anyway