Can't Find Infinite Flight in share option

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Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue?


Version Information

20.02 (981)(on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge)

Device Information

Oppo F7
Android 8.1.0

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Android 8.0.0


Can’t find Infinite Flight in share option, so this problem make me can’t import Infinite Flight Replay

Steps to reproduce

  • Open File Manager on my Device
  • Share Infinite Flight Replay
  • Can Find Infinite Flight in share option

Expected results

Find Infinite Flight when Share Infinite Flight Replay to Infinite Flight

Actual results

can’t find Infinite Flight in Share option

Log sent?

More Information

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Able to reproduce.

Samsung Galaxy S9+
Android 10
20.02 (981)

Make sure to adjust the build number. It should be something like this:

v20.02.00 (xxx)

To find the current build, go to Settings, click About, then look in the top left corner.


Ok, I will do that, Thanks for Information