Can't find downloaded voices (iOS)

Good afternoon!

I’ve recently seen that you could use other voices than the “basic” ones showed in the settings.

However, although I downloaded some new voices (including Samantha enhanced, especially), and that I restarted my iPhone right after that and opened back Infinite Flight, I can’t seem to find the voices I’ve downloaded.

To download the voices, I went to Settings > Accessibility > Voice > Speech > (and then downloaded via the clouds). I’d like to add that I checked if the voices were installed correctly (by pressing the Play button next to the names), and they do.

Could anyone help me? Thanks in advance!

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Hello @anon67724595 Welcome to the Community!

Sorry you’re having some troubles with voices. Infinite flight has restricted the game to certain voices due to a issue with some of apple’s voices.

Here is a link to a previous comment I made on this:


Ok, so just to be sure, is Samantha (enhanced) not included in those restricted available voices?

I do not believe so no.

Thanks very much then for your help!

No Problem! Glad I could be of service!

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