Can't figure out the forum on iPad (iOS 9.1) and Suggestions

Hi there, new user In the forums, I wanted to post a couple things in features and general but my iPad won’t seem to let me post in features/search for the topics I was looking for as well as won’t let me reply to another thread that didn’t seem to be locked…
Here’s my suggestions, again forgive me if they’re duplicate cause I can’t figure out how to find or +1/reply to some posts. Mods-please feel free to cut/paste/move any of this to the proper spot on the site!

-I wanted to post a +1 for the A332 in Aer Lingus/Hawaiian liveries!

-Is it possible to fly say PHNL-LAX given the correct heading and time to do it etc etc? (I’ve got a looong flight coming up from JFK-HNL myself and I plan on flying for some of it (that’s why I need that A332 in Hawaiian colors!)

-Wondering about getting functions added to the autopilot

•Bank angle smoother/limiter for heading changes

•NAV/ILS/waypoint hold(I’m SURE I’ve asked before on my old account a few months/years back that I can’t remember the login for.

These last two are surely super advanced but since I can’t fly VATSIM anymore I guess there’s no harm in asking!
•VNAV functions on the flight plan/autopilot (again I’m sure someone already asked-please forgive me) for
• SID/STAR auto waypoint coupling (in conjunction with the VNAV perhaps?)

For example, I flew PHOG-PHNL-F Plan was

Aside from the vectors part, all the waypoints were there for me to couple-with my suggestions above, it would be EPIC to be able to fly the SID/STAR with crossing altitudes/speed restrictions in place. I would’ve had to be at 11K and 250kias at JULLE (which I was :-) ) but I got to thinking that VNAV/SID/STAR and ILS coupling would be an awesome autopilot function!

I haven’t tried the ATC section yet, maybe next paycheck I’ll grab a sub for a month to try out!

Thanks so much to the IF Devs and the community
It’s fun to fly point to point even on my iPad!

You cannot post in the Features category till you gain the next trust level.

Technically yes, but it is against the rules.

Make a topic in general and if it is not a duplicate, then someone will move it to Features (Like me)

Welcome back :)

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Wait… why can’t you fly in VATSIM anymore?

I don’t have a PC or any of my gear anymore :-( and unfortunately my wife is not about to let me get one! My old PC died and I was waiting for the air simmer Airbus (#fail) I wish I could get back going and get the blackbox a330/aerosoft and fslabs Airbuses…

I take it “against the rules” means while under ATC control?
(which I won’t have on my flight from JFK-HNL…) I figure I’m gonna try to fly the A350 or maybe the 333 from JFK-HNL as I’m flying in real life ;-p good thing my seat has an A/C Plug!

Against the rules means don’t do it. It gives ATC a hard time, it gives yourself a hard time. Just don’t. I supoose you can in Free Flight but that’s it

What I meant by that was that I would try it in free flight WHILE I’m on my ACTUAL flight to Hawaii and have my iPad with me. Unfortunately, Hawaiian airlines doesn’t have wifi yet ;-p If they did, I’d go for the controlled airspace and bounce around the islands.

I’m not the kind of guy that’s going to give ATC a hard time-I’ve seen FAR too many immature people do it on vatsim and ivao. The reason I was wanting to try it (minus the ATC) is that back when I had FS95/98 I used to fly LAX-HNL by hand/headings-back in those days it was VOR-VOR-NDB and all you could do oceanic wise was zoom out the map window and grab a rough heading on the old 737… Good times… I figure trying it in free flight will be about like FS95!

@FBWFTW the problem is, when you get into your destination region, it shows up on the ATC screens, but a bug prevents them from contacting or sending anything too you. I believe it’s still allowed on free flight, but avoid it on the PG or advanced.

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Thanks for the info-i haven’t even tried the ATC servers just yet-I’ve been trying to learn how to properly fly the aircraft I have so that when I DO get into an ATC controlled environment, I can properly fly and not pull any noob like stuff that I used to hate on VATSIM!