Cant export replay file

Hey i cant export replay file,my app crushing every time when i trying to export the file

I recommend you add the replay file to the attached link below, then you’ll be able to export the file from the website instead of the app.

For actually fixing the issue, I recommend you do a simple device restart. That could resolve the situation.

Cant even download directly download from the app,the link u shared asking me to download the video from the app

Then do a simple device restart, that should resolve all of the problems you’re currently having.

4 times restarted my phone then also cant download

Hmm, I believe @schyllberg should be able to resolve your problem. Just give him a moment to reply to this topic to help you as I’ve mentioned him.

Ok thank u very much

No problem.

Is it just the specific file from your report or all?

All the files

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