Can't enter the app anymore

Hello everyone. I wanted to play Infinite Flight right now, but I’m not able to enter the app anymore. Everytime I want to enter the app my ipad will kick me out of the app. I’ve reinstalled the app and even reinstalled my ipad but it still don’t work.

Ipad pro first edition.
Version: 16.4.1

Anyone know another solution. How can I fix this.

Then another thing. I’m not able to see the tab NEW in this forum anymore… What’s going on right now???


This issue is directly related to corrupt system files or similar on your iPad.
Granted that there’s thus far not been a single case where this isn’t resolved by reinstalling the app, I have my doubts on what you’ve actually done :) No offence.

Please make sure to do the following:

  1. Fully uninstall (not offload or any of that) the app.
  2. Restart your device
  3. Reinstall the app from App Store.

It’s there, if you have anything new to read that is.


Bear in mind that the have been some UX changes recently which you can see read more about here:

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Alright. For the app thing I will try again. But I don’t realy understand about the thing with the NEW tab.

You don’t also see the tab NEW. But I saw it like 60 minutes ago. Or is it just normal that I don’t see it or did I realy miss something?

I can enter the app again ;)

As I said. If you don’t have any topics that classifies as “New” for you, it won’t show.

Aaaaah okay. So I just need to look at latest. Alright, thank you for your help.

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