Cant enable speed AP when APPR engaged

Hello everyone!

Today when I was approaching EFHK I encountered a weird issue:

I couldn’t enable speed AP when APPR was engaged, and when I disengaged APPR, enabled speed AP, and turned APPR back on, the spped AP turned off automatically.

iPad Air 4
iOS 14.2

Video to help:

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Has anyone ever had this issue or is it just me?


Hmmm…that is odd and definitely shouldn’t be happening.

I personally haven’t had this issue so far but I will post here if I do.

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Yeah it’s weird idk what that was

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Alright… So i am the only one. What am I supposed to do about this? Is this a bug of some sort?

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Sorry i had a small typo in the title

I can’t enage the speed autopilot.

Any help is appreciated

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Was your speed above 200 KIAS?

It was actually between 130 and 155 IAS.

I’m not sure what the problem is then.

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Yea it’s a weird issue

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