Cant edit wiki

Guys i really cant edit wiki why?

What is this wiki thing?


A wiki is a post that everyone may add or remove from, think of it as Wikipedia. Anyone can edit sides of information.

Anyway @ZaidSal have you been banned or something like this? May be the problem. I have no idea. No offence.

Look at the A320 trackingthread

No i dient got banned anytime

A popular misconception. A wiki is where invitees may edit the web page. It is not necessarily open to everyone although a certain web site may have those settings active. For example I have a wiki where only I can edit :)

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You should be able to edit the wiki. Others can, some did today.

@system maybe he knows

@discourse might help :P

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By default wiki editing requires a Trust Level of 1 or higher, which @ZaidSal is (he’s a Member aka TL2).

This forum however has set wiki edit requirement to TL3. If the admins ever feel like easing up on that restriction, they can change it in the min trust to edit wiki post setting.


I think it’s better to keep editing wiki’s up to Regulars. We have almost 60 Regulars in the Community already, if an update about A320 Instagram/Facebook posts show up, we have enough guys that are willing to edit, and know how edit it correctly (keeping format and everything).

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