Can't edit topic

Hello IFC.
I understand correctly that if some time passed, i am not able to edit topic?
And what can i do if i really need to do that?

(It is VA thread, screenshot made on Aeroflotvirtual IFC account, i am HRD here)


Make a new thread….I believe that’s the only way.

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Go to settings?



You can either contact a moderator or make a new thread. I don’t know of any other options.

This thread was making for two or free month because our staff have not enough time to make thread… Sad

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Maybe you can reach out to pilots in your VA. We did that at Airbus and one of our pilots, @ Julien_Narayanasawmy made a thread for us.

I don’t think that anybody can do that for us, but I will ask.

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Yes that’s correct. If your post is older than 60 days, you are unable to edit the original post anymore. This doesn’t apply to wiki’s which can be edited by a regular / Mod / staff at anytime.

The best thing to do is to make a new thread. If you click on the pencil on the original post, then wait for the pop up to appear. You can them click raw and you should be able to copy the content into the new thread, without having to make the whole thread again.


You mean history of edits? Or what?

Yes, there you can copy the content of the old thread and paste it into a new one.

A workaround if you’re interested is to turn your next post into a wiki, if someone on your team is a regular then maybe have them do it. You’ll then not face the time limit.

Ok, can you say, how to do that? Or maybe link to the topic where this was described? Please 🙏

You need a regular to make the topic, or maybe you could ask a moderator to make it a wiki, but here’s how you make a wiki. I’d personally just keep doing what you’re doing by remaking it but if you wanted to work around the time limit you could.

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