Can't edit the thread anymore

Hello guys!

So I have a VA thread in the VA category what I created and published on my own. Now, I cant edit the thread anymore (the content of the thread and the title).

The thread:

I have read that the editing is not possible after 60 days of the thread creation.
But this does not explain why such VAs like BAVA or DLVA can update thier threads constantly without time limitations (BAVA Thread was created in Nov 2018, last edit this month; DLVA created in September this year, last edit this month).

I would appreciate some help or an explanation on that.

As far as I’m aware, the thread is not editable 60 days after the last edit… However yours was last done November 2nd… Perhaps it’s only 30 days instead?

Something I also read, might be something for the staff team to consider in the future:

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As for the BAVA thread, it’s a wiki and @Adam_Williams updates it.

It is not explaining that it shall be locked for any editing after 30 days. BAVAs thread was edited sometimes in bigger time intervals than that.

Yes, because as I said, it is a Wiki (which Regulars can edit).

Then it is unfair towards other VAs when some can edit how often they want and others need to watch out that they dont get the lockdown for the thread editing. I personally dont think that this is the point why i dont have the access anymore

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There’s no need to get so worked up about it 🙂

Just contact a moderator, I’m sure they’ll be happy enough to close the existing thread for you and you can repost a new one. Might attract a bit of attention to the VA also 😊

Everyone loves a shiny “new” thread 🤫

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True, true we were about to update the thread anyways. Still dont get the point why we need to create a completely new thread every two months XD. Just floods the category and makes the mods busy with unecessary things. Anyways, not blaming IFC, it could be Discourses fault

Another solution to update your thread past the 60-day time limit, and not being a regular, is as follows:

  1. Keep an up-to-date version of the source-code of your thread in ‘notes’ on your device, or somewhere else along those lines.

  2. Whenever you’d like to make any edits, copy this source code into a PM with yourself/your VA account on the Infinite Flight community, and make any edits necessary whilst you can see what you’re editing and how it will look on the thread.

  3. Copy the source-code and paste it over your old edited one in your notes, to make sure you always have the latest up-to-date copy.

  4. Head over to and paste your new, source-code containing your new edits. Copy the link to this source code.

  5. Pop a private message to a moderator, and politely request for your thread to be made into a wiki and edited/updated to the latest source code from that you’ve linked.

This should hopefully help alleviate the workload of making a brand new thread when you can’t edit the old one anymore. Obviously editions should be kept to a minimum, to ease the workload on moderators. If you know a trusted regular, they could also update it for you once the thread has been turned into a wiki.

Try and make as many changes at once as possible to avoid having to constantly do this, and also try and include information in your VA thread that will remain accurate and not constantly require updating - this will also alleviate the workload on you.

I hope this advice helps - feel free to contact me with any questions.



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