Can't Download Plane

I need help!
After the update i want to try flying the new a380 but the game got stuck in the downloading plane.
I tried to restart the game and restart my phone but i still cant download the a380.
Then i tried to delete the game and download it again and now i cant download other plane as well.
Pls help

My device is samsung s21 fe 5g

Hello! Could you please confirm if you’re on 24.2 or 24.2.1? There was recently a hotfix pushed for Android which has fixed some issues.

You can check the version of your app by going to the “About” page where it will show in the top left.

I have 24.2

Could you check the Google Play Store for an update?

Im on 24.2.1 and no update available on playstore

So, to confirm, you’re on 24.2.1 now. Could you try and spawn in with an A380?

Still cant spawn in a380 and other planes since i redownload the game so all my game data is erased

Interesting. I’ll link this to a staff member so they can investigate it further for you.

Thank you very much

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