Can't download new update

I can’t download the new 21.1 update on my tablet why is this?

Can you confirm your device make and model for the team?


Samsung tab a 2019

This might be helpful

So am I not aloud to play 21.1 and stick with 20.3?

As posted in the previous comment, if your tablet is running on 32 bit instead of 64 bit then that is going to be your issue.

You can still enjoy IF on 20.3 though.

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So I won’t ever be able to download 21.1 and when 21.2 releases will I not be able to download that?

Most likely, yes.

Unfortunately no you will not be able to receive updates beyond version 20.3.

Ok thanks but the game will still be normal right like when people see me on the map I will be in 21.1 but on my side I am in 20.3?

They’ll see your aircraft and 3D buildings but you won’t see 3D and the new 21.1 aircraft textures/features.

Ok thanks has there been other issues like this with the same or similar devices?

As far as I know it is just the Tab A series that is known to have this issue

Kirito and the Op from the PSA topic linked above noted issues with some Samsung tablets. Other users not on Android 7.0 or later won’t be able to download 21.1 as well. That can be seen here in Jason’s blog post:

I just realised that my device does have a 64 bit processor but still can’t download?

Samsung Tab A 2019 should be OK as far as we can see though. (ABI = arm64-v8a)

If you’re unable to find the most recent update of Infinite Flight, first make sure that Google Play Store cache is restored as this is a common problem with updates or purchases not being detected.

You can find instructions on how to do that here:

It still hasn’t worked any other solutions?

Can you go to this topic:

Download the app linked in the bottom of the first post and check what it says there.


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