Can't download my purchased region on another device

I bought the London region on my phone (an Android device). But when I tried to download the airport on my Lenovo Tab 3, it asked me to purchase it again. When I click on the button, the pop-up screen (Google Play) showed Error: You have already purchased this product). Then the game showed Error: Purchase Failed. What should I do?? I just have a 30 days live subscription and my phone went down. Pls help!
P.S My Lenovo can load my live subscription.
From Hong Kong

Try a couple more times - I had a similar issue a while back. Try to re-download it at least 3 times more. Sometimes it just works :)


Contact the Google Playstore Supp i also had the same failur. Ich described them my problem and after 5 mins i had my 787-9

Did you Log in on the same Live email?

If nothing works you may want to contact infinite flight support to help out with that

Problem Solved. Thank you!

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