Can't download airport data/nav data

After the 21.5 update I can’t enter the game and I have already
The internet tested is 10mbps and it is stable

  • deleted and reinstall the app
  • try with cellular data

I have already tested out on many different ways every time it won’t load up or it will stuck at 2-5%

airports won’t load up (issues from 21.4.1)

Hi, I didn’t see you mention this, but how much storage do you have available?

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I only have 83.3GB used in 256GB

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Okay so it is network/internet related. Your upload and download are both stable and at 10mbps correct?

Here is a picture from speed test I just run on the same device that have the issue

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Since you’ve already reinstalled, clear your Scenery Cache, then can you close Infinite Flight and make sure it stops running in the background. Reboot your device and try spawning in again.

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already try these before and just did that again , it still won’t work

May I ask which device you have

iPad Pro 2016 (9.7)

Are you using a VPN or have you changed your device’s network settings recently? You might want to try resetting your network settings.

I am not connected any VPN and I have already reset the network setting

Do you have another device to install Infinite Flight and see if it works on there

With iCloud, so you don’t have to pay of course

Already tested none worked

None of the device worked?

yes none worked , although my phone would load the whole nav data and it stuck at airport data around 5% and it will not go up anymore.

May I also ask your IRL regions


Well then I have no ideas left, maybe try to contact Infinite Flight support or wait for a staff member to reply here!

Can you try a VPN to a different country?