Can't download airplane

When i try to download an airplane it stuck in 33%. My wifi is ok. I tried resetting the app and my device and same thing happened.

Could you provide your current device and software version?

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Please give us more information!

What device do you have?
What software are you running?
How much available space is left on your device?

Make sure you restart your device after the download even for aircraft. I downloaded the a380 last night and the fuel was not matching my weight and balance and was running on empty

This could possibley be due to the amount of storage on your device. If possible delete some apps or upload some data to the cloud to free up room on your device.

Let’s let the OP respond guys.

This happened sorta to me when I was trying to re-download my first aircraft (A320). It took 45 minutes to download it but after that the rest took about 10 minutes. You’ll proabably just have to wait a bit. What aircraft is it?

My device is samsung galaxy tab s3 and android 7.0

My storage is enough, this not should be the problem

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I have 19 gb left, thanks for support guys

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If it’s not storage I’m afraid I can’t help. I also use a device running iOS. Hopefully you’ll find a solution, and your problem will be resolved.

Have a nice day

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Is this with the new Global update, or the older version of Infinite Flight? I did hear that Global was released to some Android users about an hour ago.


It seems that there is a problem with the servers. So unfortunately we can’t do much as of right now, I do believe FDS is working on it! Please wait for any information that may be given by a moderator!

Yes, it is with the new one, i just updated the app less than an hour ago.

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I see. Due to the fact that Android just got the update, there is probably a very high amount of traffic on the servers right now. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. If that does not work, wait a few hours until the servers calm down a little bit. You may even want to try again tomorrow. Hope this helps!

Thanks, i figured that may be the reason, i’ll be trying. 👍

Hi there,

Close the app and restart your device. Try downloading the aircraft again. Let us know how you make out.

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Hi there, ok thanks, i’ll do that.

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I did what you told me and it works!, now i’m finally flying! 😁. Thanks for your help and support to you and everyone.

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