Can't create infinite flight account

You should be able to create a new account then. You may also try logging in through Facebook or Google if you want.

Already tried logging in with google the problem is there is no sign up option only log in

Really? Would you mind taking the screenshot of the problem?

If not you may also try Creating a new Google account.


If you press “ok” you should get the option to log in through google or Facebook. That is what I am really looking for you know. :)

Ok I will send a picture now thats what comes up when I select my google email address

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You can’t login to something that does not exist. That’s the thing. An account with the credentials you are trying to use, does not exists in our system.

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when I press login with Google and I choose my email it shows the other picture above

You need to purchase a subscription using a different Google account set up in Play Store. That is the only way. You can’t purchase two subscriptions on one account.

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Can you guide me

I linked a help article from Google yesterday on how to change the account in Play Store. What didn’t work with that one?

It still said I have the app with another account

I mentioned that it could happen:

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If I purchase the app then will I still have all my planes and stuff also how do I get purchase the app

No. In app purchases are tied to the store-id I’m afraid.

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