Cant create flight plan

Upgraded to Pro version and have watched training videos on creating flight plans but when I follow thw instructions I do not have the ability to create flight plans. Using Apple IPAD Pro with version 13.4 software

Can you explain step for step what you are clicking on so we can tell you where you may be skipping something?

  1. fly online
  2. cirrus sr22 selected
  3. ksav airport selected - shows runway info and metar
  4. use search for destination airport
  5. displays destination airport but when i try to click on airport identifier nothing happens and there are no additional screens to enter direct to or include it in a flight plan

It sounds like you are trying to create the flight plan on the airport selection screen. I want to make sure that you hit FLY after #3. You need to be in the sim before you can make the flight plan.

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quick sum up: When u load into an airport and check the map, there is airports, fixes, navaids u can choose on the map. Simply tap on them and press the + symbol that comes up. Do this until your destination (u dont gotta worry about more specifics for now it gets u from A to B).

Alternative I can very much recommend fpltoif! Its a easy way to get good calculated flight plans with lots of infos. Heres the link to get started

That works. Thanks for the help

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Thanks for the help

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