Cant create a new topic

What are the requirements to add a topic in the features?

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Hey there, @Deval_Surana!

You’ll need to be TL2 to post in #features :) Just keep posting, liking, and being active and you’ll get there soon!


You need to be TL2 ( Member ) to do so

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Thank you :)

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Can you tell me why it is difficult to add airport buildings, taxiway lights and other stuff. I recently tried Real flight simulator and it had literally everything for egs. Even when to stop at a gate for a particular aircraft.

I know that this is cookie cutter but the post linked below is an excellent tool and resource for new users or returning users that have been gone for a while:

Welcome to the IFC!

Hello! Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community. Please have a browse through the links and information you can find in the topic below. These are guides that will help flourish your experience here. There is also information created by the community and moderators that will help you understand how this forum works.

Infinite Flight Tutorial Guides

The two guides below are for both the Pilot and Air Traffic Controller (ATC). They will link you to specific information for each role. These tutorials were created by FDS staff members; Mark our Pilot Community Manager, and Tyler our ATC Community Manager.

Pilot Tutorial Guide

ATC Tutorial Guide

The developers and staff have a great spot for information in Blog

Check out Project Metal ;)

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