Can't copy others FPL's on Casual.

Did you copy a flight plan from an alpha tester? I’ve done so accidentally and it doesn’t end up working.

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The first time! I don’t know why

He isn’t Alpha tester!

Can you reproduce it? One time glitches happen to everyone at some point, no reason to create a post for it if it’s not a re-occuring problem :)


I tried it again and again!

Try closing the app fully, turn off your device and restart it again and see if the problem persists.


Did you restart the app?

On map, click on the plane, then the data tag. Next to report is copy fpl


Yes not just one time!

So nothing happens when you tap over flight information box?

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You have to click on that tag

You need to get to this screen:

Please, do see this previous post relating to the #support category for the correct information to post maximize the help you are able to receive regarding the issue that you are experiencing…
How to make a support request.

Even I couldn’t see it!

This has happened to me a couple of times;
Check you have good internet (preferably wifi)
If you are on the ground, I would suggest a restart of the app, then restart your device.
That normally works for me ;)


I had this problem a couple weeks ago on TS, but it hasn’t happened sense.

I had WIFI. Ran perfect

Ok - any idea what your up/down-load scores are? Did you try a restart?

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