Can't copy others FPL's on Casual.

Hey Guys
I played Infinite Flight, I wanted to copy a flight plan on the Casual Server. It wasn’t possible.
I have all the latest updates made!(IPhone 6s)
Does some of you have a solution?

Thanks for the help!

What do you mean you couldn’t copy it?

A screenshot would be helpful of the flight plan :)

By the Swiss event! I couldn’t copy the flight plan!

He means, was the button not there? Was it grayed out? Did you press it and nothing happened? Was there a flight plan to be copied? Without a screenshot, we’re in the dark.

Edit: Apparently I should add, are you even in the app…


No! Not so! You can copy Flight plans IN Infinite Flight!

So it was! I couldn’t press the button!

Or you can copy the flight plan from the event organizer if you go to map, and select his aircraft it will show you information on the pilot, plus at the bottom you will have a “copy flight plan” button. When you click on it the flight plan will show on your map.


Is this the first time it happened? Is it re-occuring?


Did you copy a flight plan from an alpha tester? I’ve done so accidentally and it doesn’t end up working.

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The first time! I don’t know why

He isn’t Alpha tester!

Can you reproduce it? One time glitches happen to everyone at some point, no reason to create a post for it if it’s not a re-occuring problem :)


I tried it again and again!

Try closing the app fully, turn off your device and restart it again and see if the problem persists.


Did you restart the app?

On map, click on the plane, then the data tag. Next to report is copy fpl


Yes not just one time!

So nothing happens when you tap over flight information box?

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You have to click on that tag