Can't Copy Flight Plan

Device: Ipad
I’m looking to figure out why I might not be able toi copy someones flight plan. Any help?

Hello! I don’t mean to ask the obvious but have you tried clicking on the plane and see the button at the bottom right “copy FPL” ?

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Yes. When I press that, nothing pops up on MY Flp. Just wondering if it’s a bug or something.

Hmm, I don’t think so. The other thing you can try is restarting your app and/or device.

I’ve tried that a few times but all have the same outcome. Being that it still doesn’t copy.

Are you sure that the “Copy FPL” button is lit up? There are often many aircraft with no flight plans set, in which case pushing that button will have no effect when those aircraft are selected.

Alternatively, if you see there is a flight plan for the selected aircraft, and confirm the “Copy FPL” is highlighted, do you get the following prompt or not (after selecting copy): “OK to replace flight plan.” And is it after selecting OK that nothing happens?

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