Can't control the Dash 8 with flaps 35°

After tried making the steep approach at EGLC with the Dash 8 using flaps 35°, but when I deployed them the aircraft pitched up sharply and the HUD circle went above the pitch indicator.

I can also upload a video showing the problem.
Is this normal?
Android 6.
Galaxy S5.

use flaps 15°
the dash 8 almost never uses 35 degrees

As Jompa stated, use flaps 15. 35 is only for steep approaches. KSFO’s 28 approaches are nowhere near steep.


As stated above, I tried using 35° for EGLC. I thought the sharp pitch up was a bug, I uninstalled and installed, tried it in San Francisco, and it was the same.

What’s your speed and weight?

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24T and 118kts (91kts stall). The weight and maneuvering speed recommended on the “March update is here” topic.

118 knots seems too fast. Try 100 knots.

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But that’s what 91x1.3 gives, 118.3.

He’s already read that, as stated above.

Wasn’t three times the stall speed plus wind corrections the final approach speed?

The q 400 comes in about 115 with flaps 15 and flaps 35 is closer to 97-100 knots as @Henrik mentioned

But the the stall speed as stated in the “March update” post is 91kts, and if multiplied by 1.3 it gives 118kts.

How did you get 1.3?

3 times the stall speed. That’s what I read as being the final approach speed.

That may be whatever that fancy website says, but I can assure you at flaps 35° at anything over 95-105kts IN INFINITE FLIGHT will give you a severe positive pitch.

As far as the link you posted, just because your read it in the internet doesn’t mean it’s true. If it was, I’m a French model, bonjur.


Is the Dash 8 unique in this aspect or other aircraft follow the same principle of having a lower approach speed than the maneuvering speed @Joe?

With flaps 35 I can get to a 85 knot ground speed descent. Also just a side note, I don’t think the Dash is equipped for steep approaches anyways (as it says in the cockpit label).

It is if it lands at EGLC.

Not exactly sure, but they didn’t put the label in the cockpit for no reason.