Cant control plane

Finnally back on infinite flight… anyways , when i try to land my plane, i have very little control of my plane which causes it to go down and crash,
I reinstalled the app, and restarted my phone and none of these worked and idk what else to do

Welcome back to the forum…

Do you have this issue with every aircraft?
What’s sort of speed and flap settings do you have upon landing?
Is your device fully calibrated?

Im sure this problem is on every aircraft, yes
Im usually at 150 knots and my flaps were on 30 degrees
I calibrated my phone and did not work

So is this when you disconnect autopilot?

Correct, chatta

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Before disengaging autopilot add trim slowly. Around +20% and more will be fine. This should help. On some planes you may need to go up to 50%

I’ve been getting 20% but I still have very little control my plane and I had to move my phone quite a lot to get to 20%

What plane in particular?

How do i add trim


Is this in solo mode? Or a live flight?

It did it in solo and multiplayer

You click on the trim button then slide down.

Where can i find tht at…i haven’t play infinite flight for like almost 18 months and i dont remember everything

See below:

wait was the plane pitching up or down when you disengaged autopilot?

how heavy is the aircraft? and since its a 777-300 i assume you needed a bit of positive trim maybe about 20% before disengaging autopilot, also your vertical speed that autopilot was flying at also plays a role, lets say the vertical speed was 1500- and you disengage autopilot the aircraft will start pitching down slightly

Tht actually 80% fixed the problem

But dont go yet cuz i want it perfect

And try landing at 140 knots, this will ensure more stability

Also…when i try to turn the plane i cant really turn the plane at all to add