Can't Contact Tower Frequency...

Hi Guys, so since Friday this week I’ve been unable to contact Tower. I can only see that Ground is active but not Tower.

I’m as of now circling KLAX and not being able to contact Tower there…

Device: iPad Pro 12.9, 2nd Gen (2017)
Storage: 512GB variant, 300GB free storage right now.
IF Version: the latest one… 18.3 i think it was.
iOS version: 11.4 (not on any kind of beta)

I would not like to end my flight if not neccessary.

The steps I’ve taken are:

  1. Device restart
  2. App restart
  3. Clear cache on IF

Edit: I can see and contact Tower now, but I’d still like to know that reason to why this happens everytime I’m on Unicom, and Tower becomes active and i can’t contact them. I exist unicom, and leave the controlled area and Tower pops back again…? Pretty much as i leave Unicom, i can’t view Tower as active until i leave the airspace…

I feel like this issue is about happen again in the future.
I may try a reinstall after I’ve ended my flight.

Connection issues, try the restart but I think it’s your internet, it’s only happened once to me and the controller closed and opened again to solve the problem but that was a widespread issue and affected a few people alongside me.

Hmm during FNF the controller closed and opened and i could he him as active then. It’s odd to think my internet is faulty… could be but haven’t had any internet issues for the past 4 years. I’ll check up on it leter. Anyways i may find out if this is a persisting issue or not once i arrive at ESSA later today. Anyways thanks for thr help.

I’ll keep in mind that my internet may he faulty.

Controllers are usually coordinated to know who can’t switch from approach to tower and tower controllers will let the aircraft who can’t switch land safely without conflict. From my experience this happens on a pretty regular basis. But you’re saying that you can’t contact tower without approach?

There was no APP at KLAX now. Only Unicom, and as i neared the Airport, on Final i got the “Contact Los Angeles Tower on XXX.XX”. I existed Unicom and only ground wss active. I couldn’t find Tower as active. I left the airspace. Ascended to 18000ft and 40nm out from KLAX and then Tower was seen as active. And i was able to land properly with ATC.

If you continued to land without conflict, the tower controller probably won’t ghost you but if I were the tower controller I would shoot you a PM to know what happened.


On Unicom on the ground just now. @mwe2187 stepped in as ATC, I was able to contact him now on both Ground and Tower… hmm I’ll see what happens when i arrive at Stockholm, hopefully with ATC so i can test this out.

The same thing happened to me too a few days ago at KLAX…I was on unicom and the controller popped up and started telling me to contact tower frequency, but I couldn’t see it active - only ground, so I circled around a few times until I was able to see the frequency and join it - didn’t want to land without permission and get ghosted

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This issue may have happened to me before, many months ago but this time it’s happening on consecutive rows. One after another, everytime i’m inbound i can’t contact Tower when trying to switch from Unicom to Tower, had it been one time issue, i would’ve let it slip away.

This could be a simple problem based on the quick push functions available to ATC controllers. If they have pushed people to tower and it has appeared on their list, they then use it as default to save time having to search through the options menu.

If the tower frequency logs off, that quick select function remains on other ATC screens, so they can continue to tell you to push to a tower frequency that doesn’t exist, Vs sending you to UNICOM.


That might be the cause, i didn’t have any issue with contacting ATC upon arriving at Stockholm last night. I’ll test it out a bit more and see of the issue persists or not in different scenarios :)

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This is strange as it also happened to me once. I was on the Approach Frequency waiting to be switched off to Tower at SFO on the Expert Server. Just as I was on a 6 Mile final, I checked and saw I was not on the approach frequency and checked SFO on the map. It only said ATIS was available but my wifi connection was strong and nothing was wrong with the API Service. But shortly after, just on a 3 mile final, tower contacted me and cleared me for landing.

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