Cant contact the aircraft


I have this problem when aircraft spawns in on airport his callsign is ‘unknown’ . I cant contact them but they can contact me. Does any body know why?

Make sure you have a very strong internet connection, if not things like this may occur.


I had perfect internet connection.

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Try deleting Infinite Flight, then reinstall it.

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Why does everyone recommend reinstalling as the first thing? There are more likely solutions that don’t involve reinstalling.

Many times seeing an “unknown” plane may be a network issue on the plane side and not the controller.

You can always restart the app and see if that helps first. Unknown usually means that a pilot was multitasking and their connection has not come back all the way.


Shoot I’m sorry

@Matevz_Treven, may I ask you what device you are using, can I also inquire as to what type of internet connection you have? (4g/wifi/3g, etc.)


I was using 4G at the time.

It seemed just so weird becuse almost every plane that joined it said unknown.

Ok. Great, this information helps me as I am building a database on this issue, people who have had similar problems in the past.

I am not yet going to say this is definite but I will advise that this may be caused by you using 4G instead of a wifi connection. The circumstantial evidence is adding up to this.

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Oh ok interesting. I just used it becuse it was stronger conection with the server than my wifi. Anyways thanks for the information.

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