Cant contact KDTW after Hotfix 23.3.1

DeviceSamsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra
Operating system:Android 13
I have the no frequencies error at KDTW after the 23.3.1 Hotdix.What should I do now?

I had an issue like this earlier, i was sent on-guard warnings from DFW approach but I couldn’t contact them

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Same lol 😆

There may be a discepency between users if the person on the other end hasn’t updated. We’re encouraging all IFATC to update to the hotfix, but have also warned them that they may experience issues today until all pilots update to the hotfix.

Hopefully this will improve over the next few days. We’ll keep a closer eye on this for future releases. Thanks for bearing with us!

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Ok.Thanks for the fast response.🙂

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