Cant contact ATC

I was trying to land at KSFO but my frequency wouldn’t change. It is like the tower wasn’t there but I could still contact approach. I quit the flight to not land without permission. I asked around 4 times but no one responded.
Before the flight I cleared the cache and restarted my phone just in case.

I had this issue-where I would contract ATC and then NOTHING on the other end.

That is what I went through but only with tower but approach was fine.

i was approach was hoping you could hear me. Looked like you could and hopefully you landed


That’s what happend to me yesterday and I could receive any of your warnings

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No I quit before landing. I didn’t want to land without making contact with tower and inconvenience other pilots.


That happened to me yesterday and it was really annoying

I’m having the same problem with SFO tower. I request for permission to takeoff 1L and no answer. I hear them fine but it’s like they can’t hear my transmission. I had to end the flight because they were threatening to ghost me after sending the same message 4 times the first attempt. The second attempt I sent it twice and when they asked for my intention again I ended it before I could ghosted.

This has happened to me in the past. It’s some kind of timeout between your device and the ATC connection (there’s probably a more technical term for that but I don’t know it).

I quit my flights the first couple of times it happened, but after I learned that this is a common issue. If you are respectful with your approach, find a slot where you can fit in, and land normally you should be ok.

However, take screenshots of your ATC log so that, in the event you do get ghosted, you have proof that you were attempting to do things correctly.


This happend to me aswell but on a other frequency and after I requested the third time I got reported😭

Oh I am so sorry. It must be connection issues then. Just send a pm to your controller.

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