Can't contact ATC

I can’t contact current ATC tower, but they can contact me, and message still coming from approach. Sometimes, plane around me become ‘unknown’. Can you guys help me?

This is a known issue. Usually happens when you open another app and disconnect for a bit.

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Did you open another app while in flight. if this is the case you are probably unknown which means your messages will not send to make sure this does not happen don’t leave infinite flight in flight and come back

Another possible issue can be your internet connection make sure you have a strong connection at all times

Regards Justin

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A full delete of the app from the device’s storage settings and reinstall cleared this up

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I will say that this has happened to me before without me leaving the app, only once (on a very busy day at JFK) and it hasn’t happened since.

If you left the app to do other things, you will come up as “Unknown” to ATC. What I suggest is doing the flight without leaving the app (unless you can multitask with third party apps) and don’t exit out of Infinite Flight until you have landed, parked, and despawned.

If you can’t contact ATC and you didn’t leave the app, then make sure you have a stable internet connection.