Cant contact any IFATC

I am requesting at KIAH but no one is responding and the same happened at KDFW.

Have you left the app at all during your flight?

No I have not done that

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So are you calling inbound but nobody is responding?

Yes that is exactly what is happening. I almost got ghosted for it at KDFW.

Is KIAH crowded right now?

Yes but other pilots are being contacted and I hear them responding.

This is probably a comms issue. I doubt the controller is ignoring you.

Try restarting your device and see if it helps.

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I usually don’t ask for advice for this stuff but it happened twice now. IFATC responded perfectly at KLAX when it was crowded there.

well you wont get ghosted about that but for not to interrupt the traffic try to land to another airport and restart your app


Yep, you should divert

I just exited out now as I was too deep in the area and didn’t want to ruin the traffic flow. The last time this happened was at KSFO 3 months ago.

Great. Restart your app and everything should be fine


Ok, I did that and now I am going to test it out as I depart from KHOU as no one is there and then contact departure to see if it works out


PM if you have any further issues