Can't contact Active Tower

Hi, I’ve been getting this problem where I can’t contact tower at all. I can see the tower giving instruction to others, but I can’t seem to contact them even though I did. Everything is fine when I contact ground for pusback and taxi.
Thankyou, hope anyone can help me.

I experienced something like this yesterday. There was a server problem at Sydney for a bit where everyone got disconnected.

Hey. It may be an issue with the amount of people at the airport. Do you remember how many people were there?

If you arent able to see Tower at all on your screen but know it is active, place yourself in an empty space (not in the middle of the taxiway) and then off your connection until all nearby aircraft disappear (about 10-15 seconds), then turn back on your connection and all frequencies will be updated.

When I first notice it, I don’t think there were many people there, but just now when I tried in KLAX, it was hectic. But the tower responds to all of them except mine.

I’m in Indonesia, everybody seems alright though. Could be my connection, I don’t know.

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I can see Tower giving takeoffs instruction and landing and all, but I can’t get my request to Tower. Yeah good advice to go to an empty space and try that. I’m so confused that I stay on the taxiway to figure it out or wait if Tower responds, and when they don’t I just end my session because I feel bad blocking the taxiway. Thanks, I’ll try your suggestion next time.

Just checking back in with you… Has this issue been resolved on your side?

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