Can't Connect

I have made my Infinite Flight account and I went on the app to log in. I put my email and password in the app said it didn’t know the account. I don’t know what it will not let me
Please help!

Are you sure you are using the correct details? Did you use Facebook or google or anything?

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Could you please put a screenshot of your issue or a video that shows what actions you took which led you to the problem?

I signed in with my google email and password and made my infinite flight account. But when I sign in on the app it doesn’t go.

You are sure that you used the same credentials and same Google account for Infinite Flight, correct?

Where did you create your Infinite Flight account?

Have you paid for it? And if possible send a screenshot of what’s happening.

I go on the Infinite Flight Website. Then I hit log In. When you hit log in, they give you two options, Google and Facebook. I hit Google, and it shows me all my Google accounts. I hit the one I want to use. Then it sends me back to the Google and Facebook thing. And on the Google bar, there is a loading circle. I tried to wait for it but it never stopped loading.

Do it through the app not the website

Chatta, did you sort this out with him now?