Can't connect with approach

Hello everyone, Despite the request, I can’t connect to the approach because it is not displayed to me. I was informed, but I could not access either the drop-down menu or the bar. Is this normal or does it have something to do with the update? I was also disconnected from the game, which can be a bit annoying over time when you’re really looking forward to landing… thanks a lot and hope you can help me

Samsung S20+:

Have you updated to 22.7 or are you still on 22.6?

I have already the new update so 22.7, I was fly the new E175, approach on KLGA

This is likely than the cause of the problem. Were you intermittently disconnecting and reconnecting throughout the flight or was it a one-time occurence?

I was disconnected from the approach I think it was Kyle, my internet connection was there, I could only access ATIS…

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