Cant connect via FB


I can’t seem to connect in IF using FB Account. See screenshots below:

After logging-in:

Pressing back from previous image.

Hi there, sorry you are experiencing this. What steps have you tried so far to resolve this?

We usually recommend a device restart to users and then we go from there. Could you try the device restart first and report back please.

Hi Levet.

Issue persists. Tried restarting application, as well as restarting device.

Okay, standby and keep trying in a few minutes. There’s other reports from some trusted users as well. This issue isn’t widespread but we’ve seen this issue come up sporadically. Let us know if anything changes in the meantime.

Are you able to log into Facebook fine outside of IF? Example being, can you open your web browser and sign into Facebook without issue?

Yes Sir, I can.

Okay, now let’s have you close all of your apps (even the ones running in the background), restart your device and relaunch Infinite Flight.

Same thing happens Sir.

Log into Facebook from you browser and change your password. Once you’ve done that try signing in on Infinite Flight. Make sure you close Infinite Flight and relaunch it first though.

Changed my password. Still the same Sir.

After logging in:


Will try reinstalling the app.

Still not fixed after reinstalling 😔

This is a known issue:

Try taking a look on this topic. You will need to look up this issue too as many other Facebook users are experiencing this too. Not only inside Infinite Flight.

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