Can't connect to server while connected to wifi

I’m at my dad’s workplace now, and I can usually fly on Live, I am connected to wifi, as stated in the title, and I still don’t get good connection if switch to LTE

iPhone 5s iOS 9.3.1
Infinite Flight 16.02.0

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Try restarting your device

I’ll try now. Brb

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Nothing changed @Jack982005

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oh erm have you tried disconnecting from the wifi and reconnecting again? sometimes this solves when I have this problem

The weird thing is that I can’t even connect to Safari with the wifi on

Sounds like a problem with your WIFI then. Shut down your router and re-start it.

yep its the wifi. what I would recommend is alerting the wifi owner and then they can maybe restart the wifi or contact there provider. Hope this helps you :)

I’m not at my house, as I stated above

is your dad connected to the wifi?

Yes, I’ll try flying on his iPad now, I’ll show you what happens :)

@JFKPlaneSpotter your router may not be connected but still broadcasting wifi signal. Restart would be the way to go.

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Ok thanks :)

@IceBlue this could be the problem as this happens to me aswell

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I don’t know where the router is, I don’t live in my dad’s workplace 😂 It’s just me and him anyway

Bring your child to work day :)

Ask Dad, he can probably speak to some people if he isn’t in meetings or anything.

Has it worked on ur dads ipad @JFKPlaneSpotter ?

I have to update IF first, Ibuavent flown in his iPad since January 😂

He’s giving fencing lessons now to students. His boss isn’t here and he needs permission from her

I can’t even connect to the AppStore