Can't connect to Pro with email

I purchased the monthly pro subscription today using my Apple ID and was able to connect this afternoon but the app can’t seem to connect to my account and Pro subscription.

Hello there! Are you logging in with Facebook or Google?

We have seen users have this resolved by resetting their Facebook password in the past.

If you are logging in with Google ensure you are using the correct email. If this doesn’t work you can try signing out of Google on your browser and sign back in. Relaunch Infinite Flight and try signing back in.

Well my Apple email isn’t either Gmail or through Facebook. It’s through an Outlook account.

Oh I see now. You are having trouble with your subscription verification.

Go into your iTunes account on your device and logout then sign back in. Once you’ve done that try restarting Infinite Flight and signing back in.

If you see a prompt about not having a subscription click on “I already have a subscription”

Let us know if that resolves your issue.

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Yep that fixed it, appreciate the help.

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