Can't connect to live

So I've been having issues connecting to live servers since yesterday even tho I have a stable internet connection. I tried restarting my device, cleared cache and my phone still has lots of storage, but I still can't connect

This has happened before but after a day it was back to normal again. The only thing right now is that it’s been two days since the issue started

Samsung Galaxy A70:
Android 11:

Do you have a pro subscription and have you tried joining different servers?

Does an error message appear when you try to connect?

Yes, I tried Casual and Training and still have 10 days of pro… but no luck

None. I can join live but on the top right corner of the screen the “Live server” part is always red and indicating “Connection Failed”

Are you using mobile data or a WiFi connection?

Right now I am using WiFi, the connection is actually fast so Idk whats causing the problem

If you’ve tried restarting the app and device, as well as disconnecting and reconnecting to your WiFi, I’m not sure what more you could try other than a reinstall. But if you don’t want to lose replays I’d wait and see if @schyllberg has any ideas.

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Alright, I’ll wait if there’s going to be a solution or I’ll wait till the issue is going to solve itself but if not I might have to try to reinstall the app 🙃

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Sorry I couldn’t be a bit more helpful.

No it’s okay, I appreciate your help :)

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you can export your replays somewhere else and then import them back when you reinstall

If you’ve got a lot, it’s a bit impractical to do that.

Good day.

Basically I’ve encounter the same problem that you have, I’d say the problem why you cant connect to a live server even though your internet runs well, I’d say it’s the internet you’re using… basically I am using globe and I’ve seen that when I switch globe from PLDT on my other’s cousins house then I see the problem is on the globe… you can also try to download NordVPN, some people say it works!.

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You should try to go to a place where there is better internet like outside or something

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That seem to have solved the issue. I tried connecting with mobile data and I can go online on live again. However when I try to use my Globe WiFi the live server failed. So it’s the network that’s causing the problem. Imma try using vpn and see if it works


Glad you’ve found a solution. Have you used IF on globe WiFi previously?

Yes… This isn’t the first time it happened, and I also have the same problem connecting to other games, but they work when I use mobile data

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